Most Precious Blood Parish


Parroquia Preciosísima Sangre




Authenticity . Humility . Unity


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Who Are We?

We are a faith-based community built on the ideas of authenticity, humility, unity and generosity, rooted in the love of Jesus Christ. A parish with a rich past and an exciting future. Stop by and join us for wonderful worship and prayer this weekend.

We look forward to meeting you! 



The Parish of Most Precious Blood is a multicultural, Eucharistic community called by Jesus Christ to worship God our Father together and help each other to live the Christian life. We welcome new members of any ethnic group. We try to instill Gospel Values in all, especially the youth. We desire to reach out more effectively to the underprivileged. We trust the power of the Holy Spirit to guide our Parish safely into the future. 


Authenticity . Humility . Unity



People of the Pews


'People of the Pews' is a photographic journal on the parishioners here at MPB! It focuses on how everyone is the same despite the various cultures, ethnicities and ages! We are ALL children of God! These are the people that make this place great!


A Father's Note

'A Father's Note' is loving advice that we receive from our spiritual fathers on a weekly basis.                         To be able to receive spiritual advice from our priests not only in Mass but through this blog is amazing! 



Wisdom of the Week


Wisdom of the Week a.k.a. 'WOW', is a weekly update that is put on the website for the parish to think about for the week! They are either quotes or pieces of advice from popes, saints, and others! 


This Week:

"Our hearts were made for You, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in you."

-St. Augustine of Hippo


Parish Prayer

In union with the Praying Church we pray: Send forth the Holy Spirit and renew Most Precious Blood parish. O God, in the beginning You created heaven and earth, and in the fullness of time You restored all things through Christ. Renew Most Precious Blood parish now through the Holy Spirit. You formed us and blew into us the Breath of Life. Send now Your Spirit into our parish that He may give new life to our community Enlighten me and all our parishioners by the Light of the Spirit and dispel the darkness of our time. Change indifference into zeal, tepidness into apostolic fervor. You introduce us into life and glory through the Holy Spirit. Grant to the deceased of our parish the joys of love in the Heavenly Kingdom. You promised the Holy Spirit, that He might remind us all that Your Son Jesus Christ has taught us. Send us Your Spirit to strengthen our Faith, our Hope, our Love, and our Zeal. This we ask Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ Your Son, Who lives with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


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