People of the Pews


So, what is 'POP'?

'People of the Pews' a.k.a. 'POP' is a blog style forum where each week, MPB will interview one parishioner. That parishioner will become the "parishioner of the week." 'POP' is a simple way to introduce members of the parish to one another despite whether you've been here for years or just getting here!

It's purpose is to bring unity within the parish! 



Born and raised here in the streets of Brooklyn, Charlie, is one of the many amazing parishioners here at MPB! He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War for several years. While he was over there, he filled an entire duffle bag with letters that he wrote to his girlfriend. Once he came back home he got married and had two daughters. He spent years as a construction worker here in the Brooklyn area. Now he helps the parish out with various projects! You'll probably see him climbing around on ladders, painting walls, and definitely at morning Mass! This parish is very blessed to have a man like Charlie!