Pastor's Welcome


Father John Maduri


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Welcome to the website of Most Precious Blood parish located in Bath Beach, Brooklyn just minutes from historic Coney Island. Our parish has been serving this community for more than 90 years. Originally a German community, the years after World War ll saw a great influx of Italians into the area making our parish a predominantly Italian and Italian American faith community. Twenty years ago a new wave of immigration began here in New York City and our community once again went through another transformation. This time we have become a multi ethnic community comprised of people mostly of Italian, Chinese, Russian, and Hispanic backgrounds. Our nearby housing complex is home to African Americans, Haitians, Poles, as well as other ethnic groups. Some in our community are immigrants, others have been here for generations. 

A few years ago, at the swearing in ceremony of new city council member, one of our United States Senators made the comment that this community is a microcosm of what the nation is becoming, diverse, pluralistic, yet united. Our parish family is no different. Many visitors have commented on the strong bonds that have been formed between parishioners of various ethnic and racial backgrounds. We support each other, particularly our newly arrived immigrants. All have a home at Most Precious Blood. 

If you are looking for a faith community where all are welcome, Most Precious Blood may be the place for you! Throughout the year, we have various ministries, events, and opportunities to grow in faith in English, Spanish and Chinese. We are proudly loyal to the teachings of the Church yet embrace all who are seeking the truth with sincere heart but may be at a different place at this time in their lives. 

Being a small parish community of 630 men, women and children, there are no strangers here, only brothers and sisters in Christ. Are we perfect? NO. Are we striving to grow each day, encouraging and challenging each other? YES

So if you are looking for an imperfect yet friendly parish family, give us a try! All are most welcome to any and all events and ministries that we host at the parish! 

On a final note, I have the privilege of also serving as administrator at Sts. Simon and Jude parish in the neighboring Gravesend section of Brooklyn. Please check out our website to see what we are planning there: 


Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. John Maduri